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    Congratulations again for the second time (First call for CRTC submissions was in 2020). We received 147 submissions of support from the community which helps us immensely.
    Well done to all our supporters, who sent letters of support on behalf of Gulf Islands Community Radio to the CRTC. We now have to wait until July 8, when the CRTC holds a hearing on our application for an FM licence to allow us to broadcast local programming to the Southern Gulf Islands. We have spent five years working towards this point. Thanks to all our dedicated volunteers and our community supporters for helping us in this effort

    We have also had a fabulous response from the community for contributions. This has really given us enough cash to keep everything going until into early 2022. Just a reminder these are the levels you can contribute at. We will be posting a list of all those who sponsored us later in the month
    Program Host level: $5-a-month for 12 months (a $60 total subscription)Producer level: $10-a-month for 12 months (a $120 total subscription)Station Manager level: $20-a-month for 12 months (a $240 total subscription) It’s easy to subscribe. Simply send an e-transfer to ac.srcig%40rerusaert This is an auto deposit, so you won't need to provide a security question.

    NEW PROGRAM:Saturday Market LIVE

    When it is not raining GICRS will be broadcasting live from the market from 10:00 until 2:00. We feature up to four different radio personalities and each one hour segment has an interesting interview.
    We have a table down there so come visit us. We have some logo-ed swag for sale and often have used vinyl and CDs for sale as well. 
    If not remember to listen to us by clicking LISTEN NOW above
    AND we have a new podcast called Saturday Market Sessions featuring the interviews that we have down at the market. We are currently interviewing all of the federal election candidates. Go here to listen to them

    Weekly Calendar 

    Morning - 7:00 AM until 2:00 PM


    Afternoon - 2:00 PM until Evening - midnite


    Update on our Progress

    There has been a change of plans given the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that all of our listeners and supporters are safe and secure.
    We have not been idle though in this period of time. The most important change that we have made is to add 3 new members to our Board of Directors so that we now have a complement of 7 Directors. An update to this site will made made shortly outlining the background of each of our directors, but we are very pleased to have such a diverse and varied set of people helping with this endeavour. We are also meeting regularly using video-conferencing and have a Strategic Planning session (also remote connection) scheduled for in late May.
    As you might have seen through email, on our Facebook page, or on our latest news below, we are looking to get community input into our programming as it has been over 5 years since we have talked to people in the community. We encourage all people living on the Gulf Islands to participate as the results of this survey will provide input into our strategic planning process. This is part of a new process of getting more community input into our programming decisions.
    Finally, we are also taking this time to review our music library and programming as we start to move towards the goal of providing more live and more specific types of streaming, podcasting and hopefully broadcast programs. Further announcements coming in this regards


    About Gulf Island Community Radio

    Established in 2015 , GICRS is in the process of brining comprehensive community radio to the Gulf Islands. We aim to provide a local perspective and flavour through our blend of music, news and information and special interest programs for and about the islands.
    Our mission is to provide our audience with a distinctive radio experience across a number of ways to listen. With our diverse types of music genres, we have something special to meet any taste.